SteSoph was born from the desire of a group of people sharing the same passion. The passion to combine the pleasure of the palate to the story and tradition typical senses of excellent food. This, through the sales of products which are from territory appreciated all around the world.

The project initially started in the heart of Italy, in the beautiful region of the Marche, was subsequently extended to other region. From the Piemonte lands, to the “masserie” of Puglia (typical farms from south Italy)   up to the extraordinary island of Sicily. Regions who are very different from each other  but united by thousands years of story that have made quality a specific philosophy of life.
For this reason, our accurate range of goods  exclusively organic and sustainable (fruit of the generous nature of this area),  gives us the opportunity to offer you the possibility to buy and taste high quality products that will make you feel like if you where in Italy.

All our partners are historical top companieshat cares for the development of modern processes, always respecting the familiar tradition and accuracy. Not to be forgotten, our decades International logistic experience masterfully coordinated by our long date professional partners that allows us to distribute our products every day in all four continents.

This is SteSoph! Inspired by passion trough which we propose you an amazing selection related to an  astonishing land.


Italian Office


Stesoph di Caroline S.Douce

Import – Export

Italian wines, organic products & more

60035, Jesi (AN)

Partita IVA: 02597870423

Mobile: +39 338 5062029



U.S.A. market


West winery di Grigis Emiliano

Via Cervino 2/C

24020, Ranica (BG)

Partita IVA: 03958170163

Mobile: +39 347 8631096


C.F. GRG MLN 80D11 A246X


Chinese Office


Stesoph Commerce and Trade (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Address: Room 605B, Building A, Smart Innovation Centre

TaoYuanJu South, QianJin 2nd Road, XiXiang Town

BaoAn Disrict, Shenzhen City, PRC

Tel.: +86 755 61809809

Fax.: +86 755 61809810